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What is SecureCall?

SecureCall is a phone authorization service by BitCAD that allows payment processors and service providers to utilize Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) technology for protecting clients against SMS interception.

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$29.99/ mo
Ideal for small teams.

200 API Requests


$60.99/ mo
Advanced security.

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Premier security.

800 API Requests


$99.99/ year
Ideal for small teams.

1 000 API Requests


$177.99/ year
Advanced security.

2 000 API Requests


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Flexible security level

- Different passwords length
- Opportunity to incorporate mandatory pauses between password numbers
- Enter a real password only after a set number of random digits
- And many, many other ways to enhance security of your data

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$7 bln

ecommerce companies lost In 2016

$31 bln

is expected to grow by 2022

17% CAGR

Compound Annual Growth Rate
expert's views

Age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication is over

“The alternative is to use a dedicated 2FA app like Google Authenticator or RSA SecurID, or a dedicated secure device like a dongle. There are plenty of options — SMS was just the easy one.” Link

Devin Coldewey

Devin Coldewey

“ SMS security protocols are oftentimes less secure than those for other communications modes, making it possible for a hacker to intercept the second authentication factor remotely.” Link

Jef Cozza

Jef Cozza

“Ecommerce lost nearly $7 billion to chargebacks in 2016. By 2020, ecommerce chargeback losses are expected to balloon to $31 billion.” Link

Emily Vuitton

Emily Vuitton

“While admittedly not perfect, SMS is still the most widely used and most effective manner for people to add a 2nd factor of authentication to protect themselves as well as the company providing the service.” Link

William Dudley

William Dudley

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